Pauline Hsu

May I introduce myself

Hello! I am Pauline Hsu, 43 years old and i love to write. I started writing as a kid to make things understandable as I grew up in between three cultures in Holland. My mom was born in Hong Kong but Originally from Shanghai. My dad was born in China, in the province Zhejiang, city called Wenzhou. I was born in Holland.

All these cultures gave me the basis to write my stories. And I am also open to share these stories with the public. Since I find it important to share and make people aware of the fact that we, as second/ third generation Chinese, do have a story to tell. Its time to be more visible. After working two years in front of the TV world, I discovered that I felt more compassion and working on closing caps between cultural differences I studied at Hotelschool The Hague, International Hospitality management. But I left the corporate life and decided to follow my heart. So now I am here on this path towards becoming a script writer.


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