Priscilla Rasyid

May I introduce myself

Hi everyone. I am Priscilla Rasyid and I am 24 years old. I recently graduated from the University of Leiden with an MA in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, with as specialization Visual Anthropology. I have always enjoyed watching films and reading books. Also, I love to explore the world and to know more about other countries and cultures around me. It was only until two years ago that I was able to find a way to mix my love for stories and cultures. I started vlogging with friends in Indonesia and decided to try out documentary film during my pre-master, which I continued to during my Master’s year.

My first short film Select Gender (2017) is about a girl who identifies as gender fluid and how she relates to this in her fantasy world of cosplay. The film made for my Master thesis is Bertarung Seperti Perempuan (2018) which is a mix of ethnofiction and portrait film, and the stories revolve around female martial artists in Jakarta. Lastly, I also recently finished a summer film school in Romania where my team made a film about a cleaning lady and her rebellious teenage son, Tare Ca Piatra (2018). I enjoy learning more about the world of film and getting first-hand experience. However, in the end I want to be able to make a film that blends documentary film with drama and an interesting plot. I believe that important (social) issues can be easier addressed and related to, if it were packaged in a fine story that can sweep people of their feet!


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