Rinku Kalsy

May I introduce myself

Hello, my name is Rinku Kalsy. I am a documentary filmmaker. I have made a few documentaries. My last independent documentary “For the love of a man” exploring the phenomenal fan-following of South Indian Superstar Rajinikanth, got its world premiere at the prestigious Venice Film Festival in 2015. And was also nominated at “Venezia Classici Award” for Best documentary on cinema. It continued its journey to more than 20 film festivals worldwide, and was finally bought by Netflix.

I am a film lover. I have never yet delved into fiction. Having a few years of documentary experience has made me realize that there is a story in everything, it is how you say it that makes a world of a difference. Story-telling is very empowering. I believe when we tell stories, the stories themselves become a powerful means for discovering truths leading to healing and growth and transformation.

And I want to gain insights into this world.



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