Sofia Murell

May I introduce myself

Hi! I am Sofia, 28 years old and I come from Uruguay. I’ve been living in the Netherlands for almost 12 years – yes, quite a long time. I graduated in MSc Contemporary Asian Studies with focus on South Korea from the University of Amsterdam. For this master, I conducted fieldwork in South Korea for three months. This was not my first time in this country, nor in the continent of Asia, as I’ve travelled several times there and during my bachelor I did a student exchange, where I fell in love with Korea’s colorful and mouthwatering food.

Later on, I decided to go back to my film passion and studied another master: MA Media Studies: Film, specialized in South Korean cinema, which I was able to follow because of my Media and Culture Film background. During my BA and MA, I learnt how to critically analyse films. I also enjoy writing about films, and that is why I have my own film review blog. Most of my film studies were centered on theory, except when a few classmates and I made a short documentary and a short remake of a fiction film. For FilmLAB, I would like to combine these experiences that I have, theoretical and practical, with the essence of food, which I believe, unites people.


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