Terry Tao

Terry Tao

May I introduce myself

Hello everyone,

I’m Terry Tao, born and raised 21 years ago in Almere. At the moment, I’m studying Commercial Economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, aiming to strengthen my career as a filmmaker with marketing and sales skills. I actually don’t see my future self doing anything else than making films (online) with the goal to reach as many people as I can and tell them about my vision.

My vision in short: I think everyone should live in harmony together, without looking at each other’s colour, ethnicity/background or sexual orientation. I want to broaden people’s view on the world by telling them about other people’s cultures and in this way bring cultures together. Since my roots are in Hong Kong, I want to tell my vision from an Asian perspective as a start.

Although I have not previously produced a film as a writer/director, I hope that CinemAsia FilmLAB can guide me with the first steps in the right direction.



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