Winston Catteroja

Winston Caterroja

May I introduce myself

Winston Catarroja is a Filipino filmmaker based in the Netherlands. He aspires to learn more about the art of filmmaking in Europe and hopes to apply them back in his native country, The Philippines. He finished Motion Picture Program at Asia Pacific Film Institute in Manila. Then he achieved a filmmaking diploma at SAE institute in Amsterdam, graduating with Bachelor of Arts in Digital Filmmaking from Middlesex University in London.

His film Breakable was officially selected to be produced by CinemAsia FilmLAB in 2015 which subsequently premiered at CinemAsia Film Festival 2016 in Amsterdam, went on tour in Rotterdam and won the grand prize at the 3rd Sorok Short Film Festival in Manila. His thesis was a short animated film entitled The Letter, which was an official selection to the Caribbean Lens International Film Festival 2017 held in Los Angeles and at 33rd Festival Internazionale Cinema di Animazione Fumetto Games in Rimini, Italy. Meanwhile, he is now working on a couple of short film projects. In his spare time, he is a keen traveller and an enthusiastic photographer.


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