FilmLAB 2018

After 8 editions CinemAsia FilmLAB has become an accomplished component of CinemAsia. FilmLAB is the talent development platform of CinemAsia in which Dutch-Asian film makers are mentored in the creation of short films. For this 9th edition five shorts have been developed within the theme of this year Lost in Translation.
These films will experience their premiere during the CinemAsia Film Festival 2018 Saturday March 10 at Kriterion Amsterdam after which their festival run will commence.

Five films about the power and the frustration of language

For it’s 9th edition of FilmLAB the selected group of film makers, writers and cinematographers have created short films with the theme of ‘Lost in Translation’. The theme embraces the communication issues that occur between people whether on the basis of contrasting languages, colors, ethnicities, ages or social classes.
In a time where miscommunication seems to occur more frequently and people tend to prefer to stay within their respective bubbles, these FilmLAB films want to bring forth the differences between people and try to reveal the difficulties of communication and approach them as forms of beauty and poetry instead of simply disregarding them as perpetual facts.

New edition, new rules

This Edition Cinemasia FilmLAB gives not only Film makers, but also writers and cinematographers the opportunity to participate in the FilmLAB program. CinemAsia acknowledges that stories are not only told by film makers, but can also be written down or visually told. By inviting writers and cinematographers and matching them up to film makers CinemAsia wants to give a new group the chance to partake production of short films and provide film makers the possibility to enhance their teams and stories.
CinemAsia has also observed a lively and active group of CinemAsia FilmLAB participants from earlier editions. By freeing up several positions in the FilmLAB selection for our FilmLAB alumni we want to show our appreciation for them by keeping them close and to  give new participants the opportunity to collaborate with makers from other years to also learn from their experiences, knowledge and network. This way the peer-to-peer review system can be optimally effectuated.

FilmLAB Partners

CinemAsia is grateful for the help of all its sponsors. Cam-a-lot and Filmmore have once more accommodated FilmLAB and provided our film makers with their Camera’s and color correction expertise and equipment. We are also happy to welcome Aga Aga and LITES as new partners to our FilmLAB program. They have shared their Audio mastering services and professional light equipment. CinemAsia FilmLAB is thankful to all its partners for the help they have provided for the productions of these short films and to produce the best possible short films.

Please feel free to get to know more about our short films and makers by clicking on one of the projects below.