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A Man Called Ahok

A Man Called Ahok

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Wed 4 March 19:15 – Studio/K SK3 TICKETS + DINER
Thu 5 March 16:45 – Studio/K SK1 TICKETS + DINER

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Putrama TUTA

A Man Called Ahok

Based on the early life of one of Indonesia’s most divisive and influential political figures, A Man Called Ahok portrays the political roots of the former governor of Jakarta. Although the film acknowledges Ahok’s imprisonment and controversial impact on Indonesian society, it rather focuses on the tumultuous love-hate relationship between Ahok and his father Kim Nam, the local mining company tauke (“big boss”). Kim Nam has big aspirations for his son to improve the lives of the rural inhabitants of Belitung, a small Indonesian island. However, as allegations of corruption are slapped on Kimn Nam’s business, director Putrama TUTA shows the dilemma that Ahok faces whether to follow his father’s footsteps.

A Man Called Ahok provides an intimate look into the family life and values that have shaped Ahok’s political origins, which are often clouded by his controversial prison sentence and his eventful charge of blasphemy. The special international cut of the film has its world premiere here at the 13th edition of the CinemAsia Film Festival.


Putrama TUTA is an Indonesian director and producer. He is known for his movie Catatan Harian Si Boy (Boy’s Diary, 2011) which was also his directorial debut through his production company 700 Pictures. TUTA majored in cinematography at the Centre for Film & Television Education and continued on to Melbourne, Australia in 2002. A Man Called Ahok (2018) is the first biopic to reach the top 10 Indonesian box office, with fourteen nominations and winning five awards. TUTA was awarded Best Director at the Indonesian Box Office Movie Awards 2019.

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