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Balloon 气球

Balloon 气球

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Part of the economy of a rural Tibetan society depends on exchanging rams and ewes during mating season. Meanwhile the citizens themselves are struggling with their own sexuality, in a clash between modern and traditional values. So when two young boys blow up their parents’ condoms, father Dargye (Jinpa) and his wife Drolkar (Sonam WANGMO) are faced with the practical consequences: they’ve lost their only anti-conceptive option.

China has recently introduced its one-child policy, which forbids starting large families. When Drolkar accidentally becomes pregnant with her fourth child, her fragile family life is about to collapse. The moral dilemma of what to do with the unborn child forces her to choose between the law and Buddhist tradition in this thoughtful and endearing drama from Tibetan master director Pema TSEDEN.


Pema TSEDEN (1969, China) is a Tibetan film director and screenwriter of Chinese citizenship. He graduated from Northwest University for Nationalities and later pursued advanced studies at Beijing Film Academy. He is a member of the China Film Directors’ Guild, the China Film Association, and the Chinese Film Literature Association. He has published more than fifty novels in both Chinese and Tibetan. He is considered to be the leading figure in Tibetan Cinema and his films have won several awards in Venice, Tokyo, Brooklyn, Shanghai International Film Festival and the Golden Horse Film Festival. He is most known for The Silent Holy Stones (2002), Soul Searching (2007), Tharlo (2015, and Jinpa (2018) among other films.

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