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Bumi Manusia

Bumi Manusia

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Sat 7 March 11:15 – Studio/K SK1 TICKETS
Sun 8 March 11:45 – Studio/K SK1 TICKETS

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Bumi Manusia

This adaptation of the critically-acclaimed historical novel of the same title by author Pramoedya Ananta Toer is a turbulent love story between purebred Javanese royal Minke (Iqbaal RAMADHAN) and “Indo” mixed-Dutch girl Annelies Mellema (Mawar DE JONGH), who must fight the 20th-century Dutch colonial hegemony to be recognized as a legal couple in Dutch colonial Indonesia. Their interracial relationship is questioned, as Minke and Annelies’ Islamic wedding – in accordance with “native” customs – has no legal validity under the Dutch law.

Director Hanung BRAMANTYO portrays this tragic love saga with true-to-life costumes and picturesque scenery. The beautiful imagery is in stark contrast with the complicated and unjust social hierarchies during the Dutch colonization period, when your position in society was governed by the amount of European blood running through your veins.


Hanung BRAMANTYO is an Indonesian director best known for his works The Verses of Love (2008) and Soekarno (2013). He is noted for covering a variety of genres and political ideologies within his film oeuvre, ranging from teen romances to religious dramas. BRAMANTYO’s The Verses of Love was a commercial and critical success and has been credited with starting a wave of other Islamic-themed films within Indonesia. His films have also received numerous awards, including two Citra Awards for Best Director at the Indonesian Film Festival.

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