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Detention 返校

Detention 返校

Dates & Tickets

Thu 5 March 21:45 – Studio/K SK1 TICKETS + DINER
Sat 7 March 21:40 – Studio/K SK3 TICKETS

Amsterdam premiere








1h 43


John HSU


Detention is a highly unusual period film about Taiwanese life under the White Terror martial law. It’s a brooding psychological horror, based on a popular video game, mostly set in an abandoned high school.

Writer and director John HSU (winner of two Golden Horse Awards for his screenplay and directing) uses these spooky horror tropes to illustrate how oppressive the Chinese presence has been for Taiwanese citizens, as many books and other countercultural products were strictly forbidding. The traumas that inform the horror in this film stem from the fact that an illegal book club in a high school was captured and punished by officials. During a nightmarish night Fang Ray Shin (Gingle WANG) tries to unveil the bloody secrets that led to the demise of her rebellious study friends.


SPECIAL GUEST in attendance: Aileen LI, producer.


John HSU is a screenwriter and director with a special interest in new media storytelling, digital culture, video games and cinema. He’s the co-founder of AFK PL@YERS, the biggest machinima production group in Taiwan, and based his directorial feature film Detention (2019) on a popular Taiwanese video game.

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