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Wed 4 March 21:30 – Studio/K SK1 TICKETS + DINER
Sat 7 March 19:15 – Studio/K SK3  TICKETS

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Based on Indonesia’s popular comic book, Gundala is the first installment of the highly anticipated BumiLangit Cinematic Universe of superheroes, Indonesia’s answer to Marvel and DC.

This is the origin story of Sancaka (Abimana ARYASATYA), a hardened, solitary street orphan that gets struck by a mysterious lightning bolt that awakens the superhuman powers of his alter ego Gundala (Javanese for “lightning”). Sancaka’s new-found powers not only force him to confront his own life of guarded seclusion, but also to finally rise up and defend those who are oppressed by the country’s corrupt system, controlled by the ruthless mafia crime-boss Pengkor. Sancaka must fight Pengkor’s army of orphan-assassins, to foil his plot of poisoning the nation’s rice supply with a serum that targets pregnant women, which affects the fetuses and brains, making them unable to differentiate between good and bad.


Joko ANWAR is an Indonesian filmmaker, screenwriter and producer who began his career as a journalist and film critic for The Jakarta Post, until he was invited to write for Indonesia’s first gay-themed film Arisan! (“The Gathering”). Arisan! won Best Film at the Indonesian Film Festival. He later wrote and directed his first feature film Joni’s Promise (2005), which received international acclaim as well as Best Movie at MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2005. His film oeuvre is versatile, ranging from commercial movie successes in romance and drama to horror, with his first horror feature Pengabdi Setan (Satan’s Slaves, 2017) breaking records as the highest-grossing Indonesian horror film of all time and as the highest-grossing Indonesian film in 2017. It was sold to more than forty-two countries and was screened at the 11th edition of the CinemAsia Film Festival.

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