Homecoming (Mudik)

Homecoming (Mudik)

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Sun 8 March 17:00 – Rialto Bovenzaal TICKETS

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1h 33


Adriyanto DEWO

Homecoming (Mudik)

In the few days before Eid, a young married couple, Firman (Ibnu JAMIL) and Aida (Putri AYUDYA) like many urban Indonesians are travelling across the country to spend the festival with family. Aida and Firman decide to drive together from the city to their rural hometown. The atmosphere in the car is tense due to Aida’s suspicion of her husband’s infidelity. In the middle of their journey, they are involved in a tragic car accident which brings them into contact with Santi (Asmara ABIGAIL).

This unexpected event is the beginning of a series of uncomfortable encounters with Santi, which triggers Aida’s journey of self-discovery and confronts her with questions about her life and marriage. Through the touching circumstances of the main characters’ confrontation during the annual pre-Eid journey home, Homecoming’s screenplay subtly tackles moral questions regarding gender and economic inequality in modern Indonesia.


Adriyanto DEWO is an Indonesian filmmaker and screenwriter known for his first feature film Tabula Rasa (2014), which won Best Director and Best Original Script at the Indonesian Film Festival 2014. DEWO directed his first project, a black-and-white short film titled The Storyteller (2008) after graduating in Film Directing from the Jakarta Institute of Arts in the department of Film and Television.

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