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Mixed Match

Mixed Match

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Fri 8 March 19:15 + Q&A with Director – Kriterion K2 TICKETS

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Mixed Match

Multiracial people, called “hapa” in North America, are probably the fastest-growing demographic in the world. Being of mixed-race is not just about an identity, but can be a matter of life and death. Due to their complex genetic makeup, mixed-race cancer patients struggle to find bone marrow or blood cell donors. Not only are ethnicities such as Asian or African under-represented in the available databases, mixed-race profiles are even rarer.

Jeff Chiba Stearns, a Canadian animation director of Japanese and mixed European descent, was not even aware of this biological issue that could affect himself and his children, until he made this documentary. His eye-opening research spotlights Mixed Marrow, an organisation dedicated to registering multi-ethnic individuals to the donor registry. Tracking down patients, donors and medical authorities all over the U.S., his vital and inspiring film not only explores what role race plays in medicine, but offers hope on new developments in cord blood stem cell research.

CinemAsia is honoured to welcome Jeff Chiba Stearns and Mixed Marrow founder Athena Mari Asklipiadis, an accountant of Japanese, Greek, Amenian, Egyptian and Italian ancestry. They will be sharing their knowledge and answering questions at the Q&A.

Through this special programme, CinemAsia wishes to raise awareness in the multiracial population of The Netherlands and alert biracial couples and their children of their complex genetic and medical conditions. We hope we can play our part to help multiracial patients waiting for donors. We are reaching out to Dutch organisations dedicated to expanding the bone marrow and stem cell donor registry. Please visit our official website for more updates on which organisations we’ll partner with. If you are of multiracial ancestry, we urge you to come to our screening. You may be able to save lives.


Fri 8 March 19:15 – Kriterion K2 TICKETS


Jeff Chiba Stearns


Athena Mari Asklipiadis, Krissy Kobata, Alex Tung

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