Mrs Noisy ミセス・ノイズィ

Mrs Noisy ミセス・ノイズィ

Dates & Tickets

Wednesday 4 March 19:00, Studio/K SK1 SOLD OUT
Friday 6 March 19:00, Rialto Bovenzaal TICKETS

European premiere








1h 46


AMANO Chihiro

Mrs. Noisy

After winning a grand literature award, author Maki (SHINOHARA Yukiko) struggles to follow up with something new. She has just moved into a new apartment with her husband and their little daughter, where she’s confronted with a nasty case of writer’s block. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also constantly distracted by her inconveniently timed noisy neighbour (OOTAKA Yoko). What started as a small quarrel ends in an unstoppable viral social media sensation that changes the lives of the two women forever.

Through creative staging, great performances by the lead actresses and an interesting narrative structure, director AMANO Chihiro shows that there are always two sides to every story.

SPECIAL GUEST attendance: AMANO Chihiro, director.


After working in an office for five years, director AMANO Chihiro shifted towards making films. This change of career proved to be a success: her work has been shown and awarded in both domestic and international film festivals. She is known for Confession of Figaro (2012), Doshitemo furetakunai (2014) and Leap Year Girl (2018). Mrs. Noisy (2019) is her fifth feature film.

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