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Saturday Fiction 兰心大剧院

Saturday Fiction 兰心大剧院

Dates & Tickets

Thu 5 March 19:00 – Rialto Bovenzaal TICKETS

Sun 8 March 21:00 – Rialto Bovenzaal TICKETS

Dutch premiere




Mandarin, English, Japanese, French




2h 06



Saturday Fiction 

Iconic Chinese actress GONG Li gives a mesmerizing and elegant performance in Saturday Fiction, a tense and brooding historical thriller set in Japanese-occupied Shanghai during World War II. She plays acclaimed actress Jean Yu, who after a long absence has returned to Shanghai to rehearse for a play directed by a former lover (Mark CHAO). And yet, she seems to have ulterior motives for her star appearance. What is her true aim and involvement in the encroaching global catastrophes of World War II?

She navigates a murky cultural and political landscape where old friends can return as enemies, soldiers or spies. As everything seems to spiral out of control, Jean Yu starts to question whether or not to reveal a secret she carries with her, which can turn the tides of history.


LOU Ye (1965) was born and grew up in Shanghai, a city he would later portray in his Suzhou River (2000). After studying at the Beijing Film Academy, the gifted young man debuted in the film industry as a screenwriter, a producer and a short subjects director. His second feature Weekend Lover (1995) was both a public and critical success, crowned by the Fassbinder Prize. In 1997, he accepted to produce Super City, a TV series for which he hired ten of the most promising names of the “sixth-generation” directors. He also made the festival selections Purple Butterfly (2003), Summer Palace (2006), Spring Fever (2009), and Blind Massage (2011) and several other films.

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