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Tezuka’s Barbara ばるぼら

Tezuka’s Barbara ばるぼら

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Fri 6 March 00:15 – Studio/K SK1 TICKETS + DINER

Sat 7 March 23:50 – Studio/K SK1 TICKETS

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1h 40



Tezuka’s Barbara

Tezuka’s Babara tells a bizarre love story between a famous novelist Yosuke Mikuro (INAGAKI Gorô) and Barbara (NIKAIDO Fumi), an odd, sexually perverted woman who he picks up from the street. As Mikuro develops a maniacal obsession over her, he also begins to suffer from some mysterious hallucinations.

Based on a classic 1974 adult manga by Japanese manga artist TEZUKA Osamu, and directed by his son TEZUKA Makoto, this adult-orientated fantasy is not only quirky and wild, but also sarcastic about Japan’s political realities. The collaboration with jazz musician HASHIMOTO Ichiko and WONG Kar-wai’s cinematographer Christopher DOYLE (Chungking Express, 1994, In the Mood for Love, 2000) also brings the poetics of eroticism in the film one step further.


TEZUKA Makoto, also known as Macoto TEZKA, is a Japanese film and anime director. He describes himself as a visualist and is involved in the creation of moving images beyond cinema and animation. His short film High School Terror (1979), made during his student time, was a pioneering piece for the booming of the Japanese horror genre. The film Hakuchi (1999), which took him ten years to develop, won the Digital Award at the Venice International Film Festival and many other international and national awards.

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