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The Lady Improper

The Lady Improper

Closing film
European premiere


Hong Kong






107 m.


Sensual drama

The Lady Improper

Siu-man (Charlene Choi) scowls through her job as a gynaecology nurse, while trying to hide her mail-order dildo from her co-workers. Her marriage has fallen apart due to a non-existent sexlife. When her father (legendary action star Lau Wing) is hospitalised, she is forced to run his cha-chaan-teng (Hong Kong style diner). But how can Siu-man, who’s been forbidden to enter the kitchen since childhood, recreate her father’s signature dishes? Unexpected help comes in the form of Chia-hao (Wu Kang- jen), a hunky Paris-trained Cordon Bleu chef who arouses both her appetite and her desire. She realises that she must tackle her fear of intimacy head-on. It starts with cooking and pole-dancing lessons.

Hong Kong may be a high-tech, cosmopolitan city, but old-fashioned Confucian morality dies hard. Independent filmmaker Jessey Tsang’s courageous and tantalising new work delves into sex phobia and female repression – subjects often swept under the carpet in Asian society. The lm is also a love song to the humble yet heavenly flavours of Hong Kong cuisine


Director Jessey Tsang Tsui-shan


Charlene Choi, Wu Kang-jen

Film Programme 2019