The Wayfarers (Raahgir)

The Wayfarers (Raahgir)

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Wed 4 March 17:15 – Studio/K SK3 TICKETS + DINER
Sat 7 March 21:30 – Rialto Bovenzaal TICKETS

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1h 21


Goutam GHOSE

The Wayfarers (Raahgir)

The Wayfarers is an emotional portrayal of encounters between poverty-stricken strangers that, in order to find new economic opportunities, have to traverse the vast country of India by foot. One fateful morning, Nathuni (Tillotama SHOME) is on her way, when she runs into Lakhpati (Adil HUSSAIN, known for his major role in Life of Pi, 2012), a born wanderer that accompanies her on her journey. They share the burden of their travels by telling stories, revealing personal histories and sticking out for each other.

Goutam GHOSE’s roadmovie is an intimate and unflinching depiction of lower class Indian society that showcases the power of cultural exchange and storytelling. Ultimately, it’s a heartfelt ode to human decency and solidarity that shows the life altering possibilities that random acts of kindness can bring.

Goutam GHOSE

Goutam GHOSE is an established name in regional Bengali cinema. He was born and raised in Calcutta where he graduated from the University of Calcutta. In the 1970s, he started out as a documentary filmmaker and photojournalist, before making his way into fiction storytelling. This has formed his style of social realist cinema, which has a close eye for the lives of lower classes and social outcasts in Indian society.

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