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Two Sisters 姐妹

Two Sisters 姐妹

Dates & Tickets

Fri 6 March 23:59 – Studio/K SK3 TICKETS + DINER
Sat 7 March 23:59 – Studio/K SK3 TICKETS

Dutch premiere








1h 29


James LEE

Two Sisters

After being discharged from a psychiatric hospital, Mei Yue (LIM Mei Fen) finds herself under custody of her older sister Mei Xi (Emily LIM), a popular novelist. Together they move into their formerly abandoned family home, where one forbidden room has stayed securely locked. Strange things are happening when Mei Yue hears mysterious weeps from the room and dark family secrets slowly arise while Mei Xi wonders if her younger sister has truly been cured.

With an eerie score and tons of suspense, indie horror flick Two Sisters manages to create a gripping atmosphere, slowly diving deeper into the mindset of the two frightened sisters.


James LEE is an award-winning independent Malaysian director and producer that has his roots in theatre acting and directing. He is one of the pioneers of the Malaysian Digital Film Movement and is best known for his prize-winning films The Beautiful Washing Machine (2004) and Histeria (2008).

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