Yellow Ribbon 당신의 사월

Yellow Ribbon 당신의 사월

Dates & Tickets

Fri 6 March 17:00 – Rialto Bovenzaal TICKETS

Sun 8 March 17:20 – Studio/K SK3 TICKETS

International premiere








1h 27


JU Hyun-sook

Yellow Ribbon

April 16, 2014. A ferry departing from Incheon to the island of Jeju sinks. On board of the ship is a total of 476 passengers and crew. 304, of which 250 high school students, die a horrible drowning death. The sinking of the MC Sewol kickstarted a widespread political and social reaction within South Korea, aimed at the ferry’s captain and crew, ferry operator, and the entire PARK Geun-hye administration for its dramatic disaster response.

Five years later, director JU Hyun-sook retraces Korea’s national trauma by following five people with their own memories and scars of that fatal morning. Yellow Ribbon is an urgent and heartfelt documentary giving a unique insight in the aftermath of one of South Korea’s most sensitive traumas in recent history.


SPECIAL GUEST attendance: prof. dr. Remco BREUKER. (Professor of Korea Studies at Leiden University. (Sun 8 March 17:20 Studio/K SK1)


JU Hyun-sook is a documentary filmmaker that majored in documentaries at the Korean National University of Arts. She is most known for It Goes On – The Undocumented is Documented (2004), Death or Leave (2004), She Is (2007), The Place (2014), and Red Brick (2017).

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