* Who can participate?

We especially encourage people with an Asian background to apply to tell stories of the Asian European Diaspora, but anyone from any background with a good Dutch-Asian story can apply. 

* What kind of support will I get from FilmLAB?

– An experienced film professional as a mentor
– Camera-rental provided by our sponsor Cam-A-Lot
– Color grading provided by our sponsor Filmmore
– CinemAsia FilmLAB-producers will oversee the process from A to Z.

• Who will write and direct the film?

Winners will be selected on basis of their application. If you submit as a writer, you will be paired with a director once your story has been selected.

• Will I receive a budget to make the film?

Winners will receive a 300 Euro production budget when they finish the film within the deadline. Also a communal Cinecrowd campaign will be setup for around €10.000 for all six projects.

• Where will the films be shown?

Finished films will be shown during CinemAsia Film Festival in Amsterdam and the tour in other cities. After the festival we try to promote the film as much as possible in collaboration with the filmmaker.

How many submissions will be selected?

Six applications for directors, three for writers and one for a cinematographer will be selected for the upcoming year.

The 6 projects (including the videopitch) will be shown on the website of CinemAsia.

* When will I hear when I’m selected?

This year the selection process will take place as follows:

Sunday 22 October 2017: deadline for submission
Wednesday 25 October 2017: six directors, three writers and one cinematographer will hear if they are selected. 

Are there any dates I need to be aware of?

Other than the deadline dates all selected participants will be required to attent a Kickoff meeting on Saturday, November 4th. CinemAsia FilmLAB producers will be in touch with other important dates and deadlines once your story has been selected.