Expo by James Jarvis – 6 till 31 March 2018 @ Kriterion

Set on the backdrop of contemporary gay rights movements in Mainland China, this communist propaganda-inspired series of paintings is a cheeky wink at real characters of the Shanghai gay scene, subverting totalitarian symbolism into rainbows, unicorns and shining dildos.

A celebration of contemporary Chinese gay culture is the aim of James Jarvis’s new form of propaganda art through playing devil’s advocate with the country’s history by flipping its communist identity on its head. Produced in 2015, a year of historic precedence for LGBT rights with the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States, Gaysian Invasion could be seen as part of a movement to one day see the same rights introduced to a post-Mao era China.

All art pieces features friends of the artist whom all have their own personal story with China’s gay scene; from locals to foreigners alike. Themes portrayed includes: gay marriage, gay activist groups, friendship, interracial relationships, freedom of sexual expression, and the perseverance of gay culture in China.

About RealismPop

Frustrated with the failures of contemporary art to adequately reflect the nature of modern life James Jarvis started in RealismPop 2012. RealismPop, is an ideology that actively looks at the visual aesthetics that dominates our digital age and translates it to new compositions that innovates representational art. The new components of modern aesthetics include: pixel compositions, data collages, and cropped paintings.

James Jarvis wrote his first book, RealismPop: A Theory of Contemporary Art in the Internet Revolution (2015): a comprehensive book about the art industry as a whole and the principles behind the Internet aesthetics of his work.

About James Jarvis

James Jarvis is the influential Post Internet artist of Pixelrealism, a term he coined in 2016 for a specific mode of art making in the 21st Century: A genre of art making that encompasses painting, drawing and other graphic media, in which an artist studies a (pixelated) image from the Internet and then attempts to reproduce the image as realistically as possible in another medium.

James spent four years living in China which culminated in the completion of the Gaysian Invasion series that was exhibited as part of Shanghai Pride and then left the nation as he posted his posters around numerous locations around the city as he looked to expand its meaning.

Expo by James Jarvis – 6 till 31 March 2018 @ Kriterion