The Great Buddha+ (Taiwan) director

As a documentary filmmaker, HUANG Hsin-Yao is known for the satirical tone used to portray the dream and the disappointment of youth and the humorous narrative that enhances the preposterous situations one often faces in life. Bluffing (2005) won Best Documentary at the Golden Harvest Awards. His visual poem, Nimbus, shot by himself, won the Jury Prize at the 2010 Taiwan International Documentary Biennale, Best Cinematography at the Golden Harvest Awards and several other international film awards. In 2010, Taivalu bagged the Grand Prize and Best Documentary at the Taipei Film Awards.

The Great Buddha is HUANG Hsin-Yao’s first narrative short film, nominated for Best Live Action Short Film at the 2015 Golden Horse Awards. In 2015, he made Cloud Nation, the first Taiwanese documentary that has no narrative, no dialogue, no narration, no music and no protagonist. The 57-minute documentary consists of only 55 shots, depicting the moods of an island with pure image. THE GREAT BUDDHA+ is his first feature film.

I have always wanted to tell a story about some forgotten place or people in the southern Taiwan. I feel that the comical portrayal of Taiwanese people on television or in film often fail to convey the true nature of our lives. There are many laughable things in our lives, and when they are depicted in the movies, they make us laugh out loud. But somehow I feel that these laughable things actually stem from sadness. We can only look at it directly and then carry on with our lives. If we feel helpless, it may be a way of coping.

Hsin-yao Huang will be present for Q&A after the screening of THE GREAT BUDDHA+ on Thursday 8 March 16:15, Friday 9 March 18:45 and Saturday 10 March on 17:00.

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    The Great Buddha+ 大佛普拉斯


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