Open Space

One of the founding principles of CinemAsia is to give a platform to express and celebrate the Asian LGBTQ+ experience. As Amsterdam has been gaining its reputation for being one of the most queer friendly and inclusive places in the world, it is of utmost importance that CinemAsia continues to empower the Asian LGBTQ+ experiences in The Netherlands, through our own voices, in order to cherish and embrace the freedom here, in solidarity with those who may not be able to do so. CinemAsia LGBTQ+ aspires to become The Netherland’s unifying platform for the Asian LGBTQ+ experiences as part of our longer term trajectories. In order to do so, this year’s programme will focus on collaboration and the co-creation of our programme. Asia is a large and diverse continent with multifaceted voices, therefore CinemAsia recognises that although there are several existing platforms and culture-specific communities around the country, coming together and sharing common ground will only make the community support stronger.

As we move to our new festival location, we would like to welcome it with a queer housewarming activity by transforming the enclosed space at SK4 into our temporary queer living room for two days of the festival. The space will be dedicated to LGBTQ+ focused programmes, and inspiring cross-disciplinary and multicultural exchange between our friends and partners, such as Out & Abroad, The Asian Union, Filipino LGBT Europe, Dona Daria, Between Goodbyes, Untenu and many more.