Friday evening karaoke party

Let’s face it, Asia would not be Asia without its much loved karaoke. That’s why CinemAsia and Kriterion organizes Rainbow Karaoke!

The Friday evening karaoke party is one of our proudest festival traditions, which simply gets better every year. Whether you want to sing your beloved K-pop song, rap on hip-hop beats or belt out emotional ballads: everything is possible! Join us at the café of Kriterion and sing your lovely hearts out in front of the big screen. Impress us with your renditions of your favourite pop songs, groovy funk tunes, raunchy rock anthems and more. To cheer you along, we’ll serve you a complimentary shot of soju!

As always, the Rainbow Karaoke will be hosted by our very own Sam and his Glitter Glam- Vixens! This CinemAsia veteran is the creator of this special night and knows how to get the party started. You don’t want to miss this! Don’t forget to bring your friends and family, as this edition of our most outrageously fun tradition is bound to become a night to never forget.

See you Friday 9 March at 11PM in Kriterion Café