CinemAsia x OBA: Ik, Azië x MEIN VIETNAM

darunee ARTISTIC, Side events 2022

Friday 13 May | 19:30 - 21:30 | OBA Oosterdok (Oosterdokskade 143)

Bay and Tam are a Vietnamese couple who have been living in Germany for thirty years. They work as office cleaners by night and spend their time online in the day, maintaining a virtual connection to their homeland through Skype and karaoke chat rooms. But when a storm destroys their house in Vietnam, their virtual bubble bursts and their different priorities become evident. Bay sees her future forming in Germany, especially with the anticipated birth of her grandchild, while for Tam it becomes more important than ever to focus on his family in Vietnam. An elegant and moving illustration of diasporic life, MEIN VIETNAM captures the uncertainty of belonging and the feeling of being torn between two homes.After this special screening of MEIN VIETNAM we host a conversation between the documentary maker and two special guests about shared migrant experiences, we explore the relationship between here and there within diaspora lives, questions of feeling at home and feeling welcome, plus we touch upon the challenges and connections between communities.  
Kimberly Moens grew up in the province of Zeeland within a multicultural family of Asian (Indonesian), European (Balkan), and people of African descent (by this I mean my family from Surinam and Dutch Antilles). Being white-passing gives me a lot of privileges others might not have and I would like other white-passing people to think about their privileges too and be better allies. Kimberly is part of Asian Raisins an organization that addresses anti-Asian discrimination in th Netherlands.
Thi Hien Mai worked as the artist liaison for artist Ai Weiwei and an assistant in various cultural management projects, before turning to her current work at Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum and flight attendant for Lufthansa. Mein Vietnam (2020) is her first cinematic work in collaboration with director Tim Ellrich.
Naeeda Aurangzeb works as a journalist, documentary maker, and television host. She is also the author of 365 dagen Nederlander and 365 Vrouw in which she addresses everyday racism and sexism in the Netherlands.
13 may 2022 | 19:30 till 20:45 | OBA Oosterdok – OBA Theater |Costs: € 7,50 | € 3,75 with OBA-pas TICKETS
OBA Oosterdok | Oosterdokskade 143 | 1011 DL Amsterdam
From 6 May until 30 June you can visit the exhibition I, Asia at the OBA expo for free.