Short Film Programme: If There Is Nothing to Hide 无所遁形

darunee ARTISTIC, Side events 2022

Wednesday 11 may | 20.00-22.00 | SK4 | Free entrance, Register online


We stand simultaneously in the unsettled and the homeland. What are my belongings? How can we find the connectedness? The boundary is between the self and the other. “If There is Nothing to Hide” reflects on the existing structures of power and questions the notion of identities and roots. It proposes a dialogue between duality and non-duality, the wandering and the settlement, the past to the present.


A screening with 3 short films made by Belle Phromchanya (THOUGH THE MOUNTAINS DIVIDE, AND THE OCEANS ARE WIDE),  Isabel Wang Pontoppidan (BECOME THE DRAGON) and Hangfeng Chen (AN INTERTWINED DREAM). The films will be followed by a Q&A, lead by moderator Stijn Deklerck, curated by Minhong Yu.

2020, 11:30 min
Belle Phromchanya (TH) 

THROUGH THE MOUNTAINS DIVIDE, AND THE OCEANS ARE WIDE is a short video essay on the personal story of the filmmaker who has moved from Thailand to the Netherlands in her adulthood. Combining her father’s home video footage of family trips in the 1990s with documentation of a senior Thai artist, the filmmaker examines the interrelation between childhood encounters and current realities.


2021, 22:00 min
Isabel Wang Pontoppidan (DK/CN)

BECOME THE DRAGON — 成龙 is a video installation in which Isabel Wang’s two alter egos share their real-life feelings, experiences and thoughts. Her own cultural and ethnic background provides the point of departure for this work: being mixed Danish and Chinese, she often finds that she is a Chinese person when in Europe and a European/Western person when she is in China. Through a focus on hybridity, on the spaces in between ideas of what is Chinese and what is Danish, the aim is to provide a perspective that can challenge fixed and rigid notions of the east and the west as binary constituents.


2022, 10:00 min
Hangfeng Chen (CN)

AN INTERTWINED DREAM in which the maker’s consciousness was wandering between an exotic lizard and himself. Without knowing where the two were going to, with the tick of a clock, both travelling between the past to the present, or even to the future… A work in progress in which the artist is trying to explore the possible narratives with collage in cinematic language, by stitching together writings, found materials and archive moving images / sounds.


2019, 12:00 min
Hangfeng Chen (CN)

The name Tai Bai Yu Tou is from a popular dish in China, a broth made with Silver carp and tofu. The cinematographic language is interwoven together by two scenes: one pretends to be instructional of how to prepare and cook the fish. It focuses on the eating technique of the actress who involves using teeth in close collaboration with tongue and lips to strip the fish bones clean of flesh. The other is filming the striking news on TV, which shows how the so-called “Asian carp” is considered one of the most dangerous invasive species, currently at the center of an ecological disaster in America. 


Belle Phromchanya
Belle Phromchanya graduated from MA Design at the Sandberg Instituut in 2013. She continues her artistic practice as a designer/filmmaker between The Netherlands and Thailand. Her works address subjects such as, political memeification, digital legacy, marginalized-transborder identities, and contemporary migration, many of which are rooted in the unsettling relationship between herself and the globalized society. The projects are made up of visual research, information graphics, multimedia installation, and audiovisual production, displaying personal exploration of the current reality. Belle is a founder of NON NATIVE NATIVE, an independent platform aiming to extend the international, non-western discourses within the cultural landscape, operating in collaboration with diverse disciplines to celebrate the art of reclaiming the unclaimed. 

Isabel Wang Pontoppida
Isabel Wang Pontoppidan is an artist, writer and jewellery maker. Based in Amsterdam but sailing from somewhere between Denmark and China, she is in possession of a BFA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Thematically, Isabel’s artistic practice often coils around the diasporic identity of those individuals who find themselves stuck, floating, pinched or spinning in circles between “the East” and “the West”. Employing personal experience as material and method, her work touches upon longing, belonging and the performativity of culture in the face of external expectations.


Hangfeng Chen
Made in Shanghai, now lives and works between Amsterdam and Shanghai. Hangfeng works in moving images and all possible mediums, which deal with issues of identity and contradictions brought by globalization, environmental change, and culture transmutation. Concerning species migration and human identities under the Anthropocene era, he sees the artist as a present-day incarnation of the ancient Chinese philosophers, artisans, and literati. Currently, he is an artistic researcher at the Master Program of the Netherlands Film Academy.


Stijn Deklerck

Stijn Deklerck is Senior Officer Human Rights Programmes (China) at Amnesty International Netherlands, and teaches Chinese Law at the university of Leuven (Belgium). He holds a master’s degree in law and obtained his PhD in sinology with a study of activism in China’s contemporary LGBTI movement. He built up extensive activist experience as a core member of various Chinese and international NGOs, and is an accomplished producer of socially engaging documentaries.