Thursday 8 March 2018 | 17:30 – 18:30 | Kriterion (K2)

CinemAsia Film Festival celebrates International Women’s Day on 8 March 2018 with a special programme that uses Huang Hui-chen’s award-winning documentary, Small Talk, as a venture point. This deeply layered film won the Teddy Award for ‘Best Documentary’ at the 67th Berlinale in 2017.

During the Small Talk show – a talk for and by queer women, talkshow host Sanne Pols uses the film to open up a personal conversation with the director Huang Hui-chen to talk about the film’s impact on her personal life, on that of her mother and her daughter.

Talkshow guests Jen Janice Mohamed (international transgender role model, Singapore) and Echo Wang (product designer, Taiwan) join the conversation and talk about their personal experiences about various themes including family, being yourself, coming out & coming in, and the thing that connects all of them – being a woman.

Photographer and poet Chantal Winatasasmita (Indonesia) will conclude the talk show with a poem inspired by the film Small Talk.

Talkshow host Sanne Pols is moderator, trainer and mostly co-owner of IncInc. She develops lgbtq education programmes, have won the LGBT-innovation prize and is columnist for


  • In Your Dreams 以青春的名義
  • Please/Care
  • Small Talk 日常對話
  • Kartini
  • Changing Partners
  • Meditation Park