Live in between vol. 2: Trans-dialogue

2020 specials, LGBTQ, Specials

Thursday 5 March, 20:00 – 22:00, SK4  Studio/K

Do we stand in-between cultures, or do we experience them simultaneously? We’re starting a dialogue. Tonight, we will transform CinemaAsia’s journey into extraordinary performances and musical improvisations. We will question our identity crises and social climates through body movement and video clash. We would like to invite you to immerse yourself into our ways of rethinking the Asian cultural context, to challenge and question our systems. It is time.

20.00: COOKING SHOW by Kexin Hao
20.30: FACE TO FACE by Ningli Zhu
21.00: CHAOS/COSMOS by Rutger Muller
21.30: SHANGHAI NAILS by Kexin Hao

The event is curated by Minhong Yu.

Check out all the details:
Kexin Hao (Designer/Performer, CN)
Kexin, a social-miner, internet-hoarder, a city-walker. She likes to be sarcastic, poetic and performative in her visual works. She was born in Beijing and now lives in The Hague.

Cooking Show:
Kexin combines a provocative politician’s language to the act of giving a cooking show. She borrows and brings the expression from Mao and Stalin while cooking simple dishes, to examine the possibility to extract and isolate rhetorics from the action. Born and raised in China, Kexin has observed and picked up the language of political leaders on the media and propaganda. Since living in the diaspora after moving to Europe, she always has the nostalgia of the revolutionary passion and the communist mania.

Shanghai Nails:
Chinese female immigrants in Europe have been providing their families by painting so many nails. Nail worker — this is how people generalise the image of Asian female immigrants with low paid jobs. But what if we call them “nail artist”? Kexin wants to rethink of this profession by reshaping it into an artistic practice with finger-to-finger interaction.

Ningli Zhu (Designer/Storyteller, CN) 
With an interest in the intersection of graphic design, media art and technology, Zhu explores the unspeakable minds, mental-self (digital identity) reflected by the emerging technology. She uses “Interactive Storytelling” in practice, merging computational techniques & effects with emotional stories, to compose fictional Narratives while communicating about human imperfection or vulnerability in our digital age.

No man is an island, every man is a piece of the network; We are “connected” all day, however, even lonely than ever. “Face to Face” is a video installation that applies facial sensors to reflect the audience. Through the affective storytelling, it discusses the intimate and spiritual connections between Cyberspace and Users, reflects the relationships between “self” and “others”, “human” and “machine”, as well as the algorithm as companion species. When you become one with the artwork, you see a mix of the digital and yourself; a modern cyborg.

Rutger Muller (Composer/Performer/Designer, NL)
Rutger is an electroacoustic composer interested in mystic, ritual and spiritual sound. By shaping a semi-abstract sound, he wants to transcend the drama of emotion, reach beyond it, towards the patterns and noises of nature, outer space and inner consciousness. Rutger aims to shed new light on the spiritual (minimalist) essence of musical cultures. The results are often more mystic than abstract; on the edge between tranquil and uncanny. To him, mysticism relates a lot to Eastern philosophies: all elements of existence are endlessly imperfect, uncertain and rearrangeable. He translates this to music by constantly balancing meditative stability with friction, and predictability with unpredictability.

Rutger made the compositions/improvisation Chaos/Cosmos during the MUTEK. Japan AI Music Lab, where he used both traditional sampling and AI-powered sampling (using the tool Spleeter) to extract sounds from the most ancient living theatre form of the world: Noh. He tried to capture the spirit of Noh, its organic flow, its silence, its human vs nature balancing-act. But because Spleeter was trained on western pop music instruments, the extracted sounds are glitchy and reveal something about our western bias. His idea of ‘sound spaces’ is present in this composition, where sounds fly and move around the listener.

Minhong Yu (Designer/Video Artist, CN)
As designer and artist raised and educated in China and based in Amsterdam, Minhong graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Art and obtained her master’s degree in design at the Sandberg Instituut. Her work is concerned with visibilities and invisibilities relating to social issues in this world and ranges from video installations to social spaces which explore representations of power and identity. She is starting a dialogue about the stories of Chinese migrants and diaspora.