Positive in the Kingdom of Wonders by Untenu Foundation

LGBTQ, Open spaces, Specials

Friday 6 March, Studio/K SK4, 20:30 — 22:30

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Untenu Foundation is a small Dutch foundation founded in 2015. Untenu (‘rainbow’ in Khmer) focuses on emergency aid for HIV-infected members of the LGBTI community in Cambodia. This support is for hospital care, medicine, food etc. with a maximum of USD 150.

Finding funds for our focus group is a challenge: Cambodia is a ‘forgotten’ country in Asia, and life for most poor LGBTI’s is a survival journey.

Untenu wants to inform the audience and discuss the situation of Cambodian LGBTI’s through 3 documentary films: two stories of people supported by the foundation (portraits by Atlas2018) and a documentary on HIV-positive transgender sex workers (a production of Document Our History Now).

ATLAS2018 travels the world to give a face and a voice to 37 million people living with HIV. This summer Atlas is present at AIDS 2020 in San Francisco/Oakland. ATLAS2018 is founded by Erwin Kokkelkoren and Bert Oele.


Document Our History Now supports documentary makers, photographers, documentalists and journalists in Southeast Asia in their efforts to tell stories and document Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender communities, individuals and events, along with their history and what they are striving for.


A donation can be made by buying kromas (the traditional large scarf, home woven by a transgender man and his family).

photo credit: Erik Smits, ATLAS2018



Free Entry

Reserve your spot here: TICKETS