Mira-Lika Gutsche

After having finished her bachelor in communication and media Mira-Lika is currently studying philosophy in Rotterdam. Her passion for aesthetics, music and stories have attracted her to the medium of film, which according to her can extend and broaden our horizons by emerging us into new and different worlds. This fascination for the narrative affordances in film is reflected in Mira-Lika’s multicultural background: with roots in Germany, China and France she’s been interested in the various narrative structures and perspectives that exist in our culturally diverse world.

Gwyneth Sleutel

After completing her bachelor’s degree on Media and Culture Gwyneth was selected for the professional track within film studies at the University of Amsterdam. This study focuses on both the research and dramaturgy of documentary and fiction film. During her studies Gwyneth became acquainted with film analysis and she became intrigued by the construction and meaning of audio-visual and narrative elements. Her passion for film also shows in her work as a freelance film maker and her contributions to critical online media platforms and her monthly articles in the humanities faculty magazine. As one of the judges on the Student Jury this CinemAsia Film Festival Gwyneth will pay special attention to the meaning and effectiveness of the filmic esthetical layers, as well as examining the expressiveness and authorship of the films.

Andrea Casari

Andrea Casari was born in Vicenza, Italy in 1994. He’s been interested in Asia since a young age, due to the differences that distinguish it from the western world. While in high school he took part in a year long exchange study program in China and immediately fell in love with the country, its people and culture. He graduated from Ca’ Foscari University in Venice with a bachelor degree in Languages, Culture and Society of Asia, with a focus on China but in this time he also attended in visual arts and Japanese cinema classes. Andrea is currently attending his MA degree in East Asian studies at Leiden University.

Andrea is mostly interested in audio visual art and in particular cinema and photography and the way these media are concieved in Asia. He is currently working on some long-term photographic projects in China, in particular in the North-Eastern part of the country.