Best Film for first-time directors

Since our 10th edition, students have been recruited to assess the works of first-time directors. The Student Award will be given to the Best Film and the award-winning film will be screened during CinemAsia On Tour 2018 this May.

The Student Jury members are true film fanatics. They are highly motivated to share their vision on Asian cinema. During the festival, the Student Jury will be watching a shortlist of 8 films and meeting directors from The Netherlands and Asia.

Student Jury Award 2018 for Best First Time Director

The Student Jury unanimously chose the director Huang Hsin-yao from the film The Great Buddha+ as Best First Time Director.

“The outstanding cinematography is rich with detail and great composition. The director’s meticulous curation of the story allows space for audience interpretation and imagination. The characters’ dark humour created a poignant image of human life. The aesthetics and style of narration consistently complement each other – in engaging and distancing the audience at the same time. The bold use of black-and-white in contrast to the colourful peeks into the life of the rich, visualizes the discrepancy between the extreme ends of society.”

Previous Winners:

2017: MAD WORLD (WONG Chun | Hong Kong)


Jori Snels

Jori Snels is een onderzoeksmasterstudent Art Studies aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam en een onderzoeksassistent bij Amsterdam Center for Globalisation Studies (ACGS). Ze specialiseert zich in eigentijdse Chinese visuele cultuur en heeft onderzoek gedaan in Beijing en Shanghai. In het verleden heeft ze gepubliceerd over de alternatieve kunstpraktijk in de DDR en heeft ze twee tentoonstellingen mee gecureerd bij The Wende Museum in Los Angeles. Momenteel werkt ze aan een onderzoeksproject over Chinese sciencefictionfilms en digitale kunst.

Chew Jern Ken

Ken is from Malaysia and he has been in the Netherlands for three years. Currently, he is pursuing a Communication Science degree at University of Amsterdam. On a regular basis, Ken focuses on equipping himself through his university curriculum. His main academic routine aside, he has a heart for local community initiatives and passion for his photo-storytelling pastime.

Having brought up in an Asian environment for most of his life, Asian movies are very much close to heart for Ken. While he enjoys maximizing his time abroad with learning about local cultures and blending into them, occasional treats to familiar home cultures are certainly heart-warming, especially for one who is miles away from homeland like Ken.

Sofie Keijzer

My name is Sofie Keijzer, I am a student of the University College in Amsterdam where i am currently studying film, arts and psychology. My passion for film arose from a childhood full of films and my interest in performing arts. The last few years I have traveled to Taiwan, where I have gotten more aware of the diversity of film in general and the beauty of Asian cinema. The variety of story telling is something that i sometimes miss here in the Netherlands and that is why I am very excited to be apart of the Cinemasia student jury. I hope to learn more about new directors and theirs views on the world.