Garden of Odor

Video projection by the Taiwanese designer Jian Da Huang

The Garden of Odor is a graduation project and a trend forecast film for the cosmetic industry.
Smell=Personal= Memorize =Intimacy

Our body is a garden of odor.
This garden produces elements full of our identity: sweat, urine, hair and skin.
They are like minerals, plants, and liquid.
By harvesting and crafting the materials from your body, you will come closer to your essence.
Making up will be a new ritual.
When you are doing it, you turn into a modern shaman.
You will be a hyper version of yourself by wearing your true identity, primitively and sexy, marking the one you love by attaching each other.
The smells of your loved one will accompany you, walk with you through the concrete jungle outside.


From 12 to 30 October in Natlab Eindhoven.

About Design artist Jian Da Huang

Jian Da HuangMy name is Jian Da Huang. I come from Taiwan. I am graduated in Design Academy Eindhoven, Man and Identity department. During my study at Design Academy, I developed myself as a storyteller who can translate context well into materials, graphics and films. I like to blur the boundaries of products and concepts. All my work starts with the question “what if?” and ends with “why not!“.