Asian Futurism

Asian Futurism Diner

Asian Futurism Dinner is a tailored-made dining experience that brings you to Asia in 2068. The exquisite 3 course dinner will be presented by two Taiwanese artists – Kuang-Yi Ku and Pei-Ying Lin. Follow the artists’ instructions, you will have a taste of futuristic Asia including re-innovated traditional Chinese medicine and imaginative viruses. More information & tickets for this Side programme.

About the designer artist Kuang-Yi Ku

Kuang-Yi Ku (Taiwanese) is a practicing dentist, a bio-artist and a social designer based in the Netherlands. He graduated with triple master degrees including social design from Design Academy Eindhoven, dentistry from National Yang-Ming University and communication design from Shih Chien University.

Kuang-Yi Ku co-founded TW BioArt (Taiwan bioart community) to stimulate the fields of BioArt and Science+Art in Taiwan. He has won the 1st prize of Taipei Digital Art Awards in 2015 with “The Fellatio Modification Project”, where he involves body modification, gender studies, queer theories, and dentistry all together. His work often deals with human body, sexuality, interspecies interaction and medical technology, aiming to investigate the relationships among technology, individual and environment.