The best films of our latest ninth edition of CinemAsia Film Festival will be shown one more time during The Best of CinemAsia on Saturday 16 April in Rialto.

We will screen the Tiger Beer Jury Award Winner ZINNIA FLOWER by Tom Shu-Yu Lin and the Audience Choice Award Winner for Best Documentary THE BIRHT OF SAKÉ by Erik Shirai.

For those who want to watch both films, you can purchase a double bill ticket. Instead of €20,00 you pay €17,50 for both film screenings. Click here to purchase the double bill ticket.

Food & Film 
As always you can enjoy wonderful Asian (Fusion) cuisine during our events. Especially for The Best of CinemAsia the new food concept ForQ will serve a various menu based on the Taiwanese bao’s. You can choose from:

  • bao with deer stew, fries of celeriac and chocolate sauce
  • bao with pulled spicy chicken and coleslaw
  • bao with sweet potato, rocket salad and tzatziki dressing

The boa’s will be served with a carrot coriander soup.


Online pre-sale food tickets are €8,00 – please send an email to with subject “The Best of CinemAsia Food” mentioning your full name, telephone number and number of food tickets needed. You will receive a voucher that you need to show the caterer on the day itself. Payment is on the day itself by PIN or cash.  
Food tickets can also be bought in the theatre for €9,00 (by PIN or cash).


Director: Tom Shu-Yu Lin
Duration: 95 minutes
Language: Mandarin (with English subtitles)
Country: Taiwan
Year: 2015
A disastrous multiple-car crash in Taipei leaves Wei (Shih Chin-Hang) without his pregnant wife, and Ming (Karena Lam) without her fiancé. Being Buddhists, Wei and Ming are given 100 days to mourn the passing of their loved ones. Engulfed by anguish, Wei starts to lose himself in fits of rage exasperated by alcohol abuse, with his only solace coming from the former piano students of his deceased wife. Meanwhile, Ming hopes to alleviate her pain by going to Okinawa; a trip she had originally planned to undertake with her would-be husband. As the 100th day of mourning approaches, the two start to wonder if time will ever fully heal their wounds.

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Director: Erik Shirai
Duration 94 minutes
Language: Japanese, English (with English subtitles)
Country: Japan/USA
Year: 2015

Despite being Japan’s national beverage, saké is an almost 2000-year-old tradition that still holds a lot of mystery. Tedorigawa, located in the Ishikawa prefecture in northern Japan, is said to be one of the finest saké breweries in the world. Run by the Yoshida family, this 144-year-old brewery houses a small but immensely dedicated group of artisans, who seclude themselves from the outside world for six months in order to create the highest possible grade of saké: daiginjo. Each year, however, they are faced with bigger challenges as the preferences of Japanese drinkers change and their number of employees dwindle.

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The audience of The Birth of Saké will be treated with a delicious saké shot after the screening brought to you by Sakelicious