FilmLAB Talent in Focus

One of CinemAsia FilmLAB’s goals is to stimulate the visibility of Dutch and European-Asian film talent behind and in front of the camera. CinemAsia FilmLAB helps participants in various ways to gain traction and attention within the Dutch Film industry and film culture. This happens via both marketing and distribution.


The FilmLAB films experience their world premiere and national premiere during CinemAsia Film Festival. Further distribution of the films happens with the help of the FilmLAB producers and the participants. The FilmLAB producers aim to improve the participants visibility and to teach them how the distribution strategy can be developed.

Via the FilmLAB producers

The FilmLAB producers look for connections with Dutch media partners who can screen the films online or on television. Initially the focus is on regional media partners such as AT5 and NH media. In the coming years this will be expanded with national media partners (such as public broadcasting organisations VPRO DORST or NTR)

Via FilmLAB Participants

During the distribution workshop FilmLAB participants learn how to create a festival strategy for their short films. They are taught how to analyse their films, categorise their films in genre and target audiences and which information and materials they will need for the proper distribution of their short film. Participants of earlier editions of FilmLAB have already taken the opportunity to spread their FilmLAB films.

The FIlmLAB films of 2017 have been screened at:

  • Asian Film Festival Berlin
  • Balinale, Bali International Film Festival
  • Film By the Sea
  • Shortcutz festival
  • Oniros Film Festival, Italy