CinemAsia Ambassadeurs 2022

Chichi Zhang is the founder of Chi Media, a social media marketing agency based in the city center of Amsterdam. Chi Media helps businesses to achieve results through social media marketing in an honest and efficient way. Some of their clients include YoYo!, The Collector Hotel, IAMsterdam & Seoul Sista.

Melvin is the owner Dirtees, a company that specializes in geeky T-shirts, collector of 80s and 90s vintage toys, co-host of the weekly geek podcast Chez Geekque and one of the founders of the Dutch Vintage Toy Fair. Science fiction, horror and thriller are his favorite genres in film, with Japanese Splattergore (Tokyo Gore Police, Machine Girl, Dead Sushi) on top. Ever since his visit to Japan over 10 years ago, he promised himself to go again this year. Or the next. Maybe.