CinemAsia Queer Art Brunch

LGBTQ, Open spaces, Specials

Queer Arts Brunch Club — Brunch / Community Building
CinemAsia Queer Art Brunch

Saturday 7 march, 12:00 — 14:00, Studio/K Sk4


The Queer Art Brunch Club is an independent queer artist initiative that hosts get-togethers globally, connecting with other LGBTIQ+ artists through discussions, presentations, performances, and exhibitions – all in an informal and friendly brunch setting.

QABC is about gathering creative minds, artists of the LGBTIQ+ family, who inspire us on a daily basis, by bringing them together in an intimate brunch meeting and allowing all to benefit from this informal, creative and open format.

In collaboration with CinemAsia’s OPEN SPACE we will be hosting a QABC Brunch event Saturday 7 March from 12:00 – 14:00, at Studio/K in Amsterdam.

Everyone who is part of the entire spectrum of the LGBTIQ+ rainbow can participate, whether they are a filmmaker, an illustrator, writer, performer, sculptor, or photographer, any kind of creative outlet is welcome and invited! You can not only enjoy a delicious brunch among like-minded people, we would love to have you actively participate in leading a discussion on topics that are important to us. Discussions on topics such as; mental health, cultural barriers, internalised racism, artistic expressions, toxic masculinity, the inclusivity of Black, POC and differently abled persons and body positivity in art. All while enjoying a wonderful Indonesian brunch from Sranang Makmur and great company, it can’t get any more festive, inclusive and queer than that!


Queer Art Brunch Club