Crossing Borders: Asian-European Media Makers

Studio/K - Sat 9 March, 11:30 + Q&A


A selection of Asian-European short films by young filmmakers that deal with Asian diasporic themes concerning the continuing search for identity across borders. Like the filmmakers and represented communities who have crossed continental borders, the films cross the borders of genres, styles, and countries.

The screening will be followed by the panel “Who Can Tell What Story? — Exploring Positionality in Storytelling,” where filmmakers and decision-makers will discuss the complexities of representation and positionality in the Dutch Asian media landscape.


Old Miss
Chinh TRAN | 2024 | The Netherlands

When a Vietnamese woman is fired from her job as a nanny, she has to decide how to say goodbye to the little children she has taken care of for all their lives.

This film is produced through the CinemAsia FilmLAB. With FilmLAB, CinemAsia seeks to promote the representation of Dutch-Asian film talent by offering them the opportunity to translate their story to the big screen.


Andrew VAN DER VEN | 2024 | 25′ | The Netherlands

In this documentary, we follow Dewi and Cynthia, who are curious about how their Indo background has shaped their lives. What was life like for their ancestors? How did they come to the Netherlands? And why did they end up in Breda of all places?


The Performance

Claire ZHOU | 2023 | 20′ | The Netherlands
An authentic, beautifully made film that narrates the autobiographical story of the filmmaker from the perspective of the mother. As the festive New Year celebrations of the Chinese church approach, it becomes increasingly difficult for chorister Lin to hide her trans daughter from the community.


The Cut
ZHAO Jing | 2021 | 12′ | United Kingdom
The Cut is a personal essay film which explores what home means to an outsider living in a foreign land. The juxtaposition of sound and image creates a textured and intimate portrait of a street in London called The Cut, where the director herself lives



Joey KWAN | 2023 | 16′ | Belgium

A touching and heartwarming film about family, life and death through the lens of a father-daughter relationship. This film is dedicated to the filmmaker’s father. Jennifer and her family’s life are turned upside down when her father is suddenly diagnosed with cancer. Will the Wong family be able to put aside their cultural and generational differences for the sake of their father’s well-being?