CinemAsia on Tour 2024 continues in LantarenVenster, Rotterdam on Thursday 16 May! We are bringing ASOG by Seán DEVLIN, which received a Special mention from the Jury, to LantarenVenster.


Set in the aftermath of the 2013 Super Typhoon Haiyan, newly unemployed Jaya, a former comedian and school teacher, embarks on a journey across the Philippines in hopes of winning a queer beauty pageant and the cash prize. Their solitary journey is interrupted by Arnel, a student heading toward the same direction in search of family. A fascinating chronicle of the unlikely duo’s turbulent journey to pick up the pieces of their lives, co-writer and director Seán DEVLIN offers a fascinating portrait of Jaya’s worldview, combining urgent commentary on colonialism, transphobia, land theft, and climate change with a rich allegory that incorporates Filipino mythology and history.

This unique hybrid documentary, executive produced by actor Alan CUMMING and writer-director Adam MCKAY (The Big Short, Don’t Look Up), illuminates the impact of climate change in the Philippines and the unbroken spirit of Filipino solidarity with urgency, humour, and above all, love.


Dive deeper into the captivating world of Filipino cinema with a panel discussion following the screening of “Asog”. Together with two filipino filmmakers/ creatives, we explore themes of cultural representation, activism, and the filmmaking process. Gain insights into the future of Filipino cinema and the impact of “Asog” on the industry.

Miguel Luis 
Documentary director & photographer
Miguel is a photographer, filmmaker, and all-around creative. He spent his childhood in Manila, his early adulthood in California, then the last few years in Amsterdam. What has that led to? A whole lot of identity-based confusion aside, it’s also given him a fairly unique perspective on culture, home, and what it means to belong. Along the way, he learned to adapt to his environment, listen before speaking, and tailor ideas based on its distinct target audience.
Tessa Malalo-an Fabiosa (TING) 
Musician and Songwriter
TING is a soul-inspired, bringing the island’s spirits of her filipina roots to breathe into the genre. Her uptempo and relaxed tunes bring a message of melancholy and self-empowerment. TING reaches close to the heart of listeners with a powerful voice that carries wisdom and vulnerability.
LantarenVenster Rotterdam - Thu 16 May, 19:00


Otto Reuchlinweg 996 (Wilhelminapier)
3072 MD Rotterdam

Tagalog, Waray, English subtitles

101 mins

Canada, Philippines