CinemAsia invites the queer community to join us in the Queer Nongkrong, a hangout session filled with activities. Inspired by the Indonesian concept of nongkrong—the act of leisurely and casually sitting around together—the Queer Nongkrong is an experiment with activities where participants are invited to pop in and out as they please, or simply hang out.
Continuing our mission to provide an intentional space to gather, foster young talents, and build community, through simple workshops and activities to encourage conversations and encounters between participants.

All community events are free entry and wheelchair accessible.

This year, we’ve also decided to refresh the CinemAsia Queer image by giving it a new branding thanks to our talented designer Kim van der Waart.

Kim (she/her) is a Rotterdam-based designer, and works as a freelancer alongside her job at a marketing agency. With expertise in graphic, web design, and animation, she focuses on projects within the events and culture sector. Kim is committed to creating unique designs that authentically represent her clients’ brand and vision.