CinemAsia FilmLAB in MARKK museum in Hamburg

CinemAsia FilmLAB x Asian Film Festival Berlin are hosts of “Deine Heimat ist meine Heimat” in the MARKK, the Museum of Ethnology in Hamburg at 9 December 2018.

Chinese Edible Art

The FilmLAB Filmmakers Ami Tsang, Fay Teo and Casper van den Brink organized a special Carving workshop & Dining experience Chinese Edible Art. This event is part of their new documentary on food art, which will premiere at CinemAsia Film Festival 2019 (5-10 March).

CinemAsia FilmTALKS – The Wolves of the East

In CinemAsia FilmTALKS, specialists tell about the background of a special film. Some time ago,  during World Cinema Amsterdam, Japan specialist Tom Mes gave this introduction – now on this video – about the Japanese film “The Wolves of the East” within the historical context of Japanese cinema. Be surprised about the story behind the film.

On Happiness Road in Oscar race

The American entertainment magazine Variety reports that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science has announced 25 animated films submitted for the 2018 Oscar Race. The Taiwanese animation film “On Happiness Road” is one of these Oscar candidates. This animation film  had its Dutch premiere on 12 October as an Opening film during the CinemAsia On Tour TAIWAN FOCUS …

Review Omotenashi (2018) by Jay Chern

Film review by ‘Surrounded by Films’ of the Taiwanese film “Omotenashi” from director Jay Chern. Rating by ‘Surrounded by Films’: 3 out of 5 Kimonos.

Interview with Omotenashi’s director Jay Chern

On Saturday 13 October, CinemAsia had the pleasure of welcoming director Jay Chern to Eindhoven for the Dutch premiere of his film “Omotenashi.” Sofia Murell interviews him about his career and background. Read the full interview and discover how Jay Chern accidentally realized that he should be behind the camera instead of in front of it.

Finding Oneself Taiwanese in Taiwan

Blog review by Kay van Zoelen of filmplatform Frameland about the Taiwanese films On Happiness Road and Hang in There, Kids! Taiwan is one of the great small countries of cinema, home to some of the greatest filmmakers of all time, including Edward Yang, King Hu, Hou Hsiao-hsien, Li Han-Hsiang and Tsai Ming-liang. So it makes sense for the CinemAsia …

Review Filmhoek about TAIWAN FOCUS event reviews CinemAsia On Tour Eindhoven: TAIWAN FOCUS. This review is only available in the Dutch language.

55th Golden Horse Award Nominations announced

Great news for lovers of Asian cinema. The nominations for the Golden Horse Awards have been announced. “On Happiness Road” has two nominations. Feature film “Xiao Mei” has three nominations. And “Dear Ex” has the incredible number of eight Nominations.