VR Programme 2: Coming of Age

Times & Tickets

Sanghee LEE | South-Korea | 2023 | 15′

Composed of LiDAR scans, music, sound, text, and graphics, Oneroom-Babel is an intimate VR essay on the relationship between the spaces we inhabit and our personal development. The dreamlike experience puts let’s you embody a character ahead of the coming-of-age ceremony in the distant future riddled with a housing crisis.



Ellie OMIYA | Japan | 2023 | 30′

Planck’s theorem that everything vibrates at its unique frequency, expresses the preciousness of our individual existence. Inside the world of a painting, you travel with Anne through her coming-of-age story and discover the beauty of individual uniqueness. What do you feel immersed in Anne’s paintings? What is your frequency?