Opening film CinemAsia 2022: Anita

On 10 May the festival festively opens with ANITA (2021) a biopic about Hong Kong canto pop icon Anita Mui (1963-2003). Anita Mui was a singer, actress and dancer with unmatched popularity in her home country Hong Kong and appealing to audiences worldwide. Despite having to face various hardships in her youth, through hard work and dedication she quickly rose to fame. In 1987 she received the Best Actress award for ROUGE (1987). Mui challenged social gender norms and became an inspiration to many Asian women. 

Director Longman Leung is an award-winning director, whose co-directorial debut COLD WAR (2012) was a commercial and critical sensation. The sequel COLD WAR II (2016) became the highest-grossing Chinese film of all time in Hong Kong. ANITA is Leung’s solo directorial debut.