LantarenVenster Rotterdam – 15 June – CinemAsia on Tour 2024

Decades after Indonesia’s independence, the legacies of postcolonial history are still present and felt, especially by the descendants of Indo and Moluccan migrants, who have taken a renewed interest in understanding their identity and family history. In this collaboration between Rotterdams Open Doek and CinemAsia, we hear from third-generation Dutch-Indo artists, the Indo community in Breda, and a Moluccan family, all of whom embark on a journey to search for “their Indonesia.”


Indisch Zwijgen
Sven PEETOOM, Juliette DOMINICUS | 2022 | 32′ | The Netherlanda
Three third-generation Dutch-Indo artists delve into their own family history in an attempt to break the generational “Indo’s silence.” How does the silenced past influence their present lives? How can they, as a third generation, express what it means to be Indo? The documentary is a starting point for a conversation about the past of the Netherlands that until now has often remained underexposed.


Andrew VAN DER VEN | 2024 | 24′ | The Netherlands

In this documentary, we follow Dewi and Cynthia, who are curious about how their Indo background has shaped their lives. What was life like for their ancestors? How did they come to the Netherlands? And why did they end up in Breda of all places?


Anne Jan SIJBRANDIJ | 2023 | 34′ | The Netherlands

Loey Tamaëla is the son of a now-deceased prominent sergeant in the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army, who, like most Moluccans, was moved to the Netherlands with the unfulfilled promise of one day returning to his independent homeland. Now in his 60s, Loey reflects on the effects of this painful past on him and his family and the yearning for a faraway home.

LantarenVenster Rotterdam - Sat 15 June, 16:30


Otto Reuchlinweg 996 (Wilhelminapier)
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90 mins