Band Four


Studio/K - Wed 6 March, 18:30 + Q&A
Rialto VU - Sat 9 March, 21:30

After her mother’s passing, struggling indie singer Cat is unexpectedly reunited with her estranged father and previously unknown half-sister. Together with her 9-year-old son, Cat finds her newly reunited family amidst tense emotions but sharing a passion for music. As their bond is put to the test, they will do their best to come together through the common language of music.

Band Four strikes a chord with its heartwarming portrait of a dysfunctional family. With upbeat rhythms and endearing characters, the film asks what makes a family when reality is slipping away faster than people can keep up with. Leading the film are two of Hong Kong’s most popular Cantopop stars, Kay TSE and Teddy Robin. They bring their musical talent to the screen, infusing the film with an energy that makes it feel like as long as the song goes on, anything is possible.

Director LAI Yan Chi will be attending the screening of 6 March and do a Q&A

LAI Yan Chi
Kay TSE Teddy Robin Anna hisbbuR Rondi CHAN
Hong Kong
English, Chinese

LAI Yan Chi

LAI Yan Chi is a writer, director, and actress working in theatre and film. She is the chief actress at the independent theatre company FM Theatre Power. Her award-winning film N+N (2014) was presented at more than 30 international film festivals.