Jakarta Film Week x CinemAsia: All You Can Eat!

Studio/K - Sun 10 March, 14:20

Food shapes our daily lives. This collaboration between CinemAsia and Jakarta Film Week offers a variety of flavours to savour, from instant noodles to mie babi, and from cilok to babanci vegetables, through which our delicious selection of short films are connected. We invite our audience to taste Indonesia in all its complexity and diversity.


Domio Instano Expendido
Gugun ARIEF | 2023 | 11′ | Indonesia
An instant noodle cult rules the Land of Wakuwaku on the Mawasino planet. The cult senior Caping Montanus loses his faith after eating the forbidden noodles offered by Disastrus, a man persecuted for blasphemy. On his contemplative journey, Caping Montanus meets Dewa All-Universal Instant Noodles, who enlightens him about the true taste of MSG.


Alif Wants a Girl, Yuli Wants a Ride
Fazrie PERMANA | 2023 | 11 | Indonesia
Alif falls in love with Yuli, a girl who prefers a man with a motorbike. When a handsome man appears, Yuli tricks Alif into getting cilok—a Sundanese tapioca dumpling, so she can flirt with the man. After being disappointed, Yuli returns home and sees Alif patiently waiting for her while holding the cilok she ordered. Alif wordt verliefd op Yuli, een meisje dat een zwak heeft voor mannen met een motor.



Agung JARKASIH | 2023 | 22 | Indonesia
Security guard Abdul has been looking tired lately due to the unusual cravings of his pregnant wife Lela. Spurred by superstitions that compel him to fulfil her wishes, Abdul travels across town tracking down hard-to-find Betawi dishes to feed Lela and their unborn son.


Happy Wednesday

Candra ADITYA | 2023 | 20 | Indonesia
Having been away from home for two years, Danang receives a visit from his father, who comes to Jakarta on a business trip. Behind the facade of success, Danang’s reality isn’t what he’d like his father to see, while his father harbours a secret of his own.