Nomad – 4K Restored Director’s Cut

Studio/K - Sat 9 March, 17:00

A landmark of the Hong Kong New Wave and the breakthrough film role of the iconic Leslie CHEUNG, Nomad returns in a brand-new restoration of the director’s cut.

Four youths wander the streets of Hong Kong in search of love and purpose. The timid Louis and his flirtatious cousin Kathy meet the equally timid Tomato and the masculine Pong. Relationships develop as Louis and Tomato bond over intimate conversations, while Kathy and Pong engage in a passionate romance. Filled with unbridled energy, the four set off into the world with dreams far larger than what the world can accommodate.

Censored upon release for what was then considered controversial content, Nomad blends melodrama, comedy, and romance with an astonishingly violent turn of events. The film is emblematic of the European art cinema influences, especially of Jean-Luc Godard, that gave Hong Kong cinema a new aesthetic language. It tells a tale of ennui and freedom that remains as pertinent today as it did four decades ago.

Patrick TAM
Leslie CHEUNG Pat HA Kent TONG Cecilia YIP
Hong Kong

Patrick TAM

Patrick TAM is a key figure of the Hong Kong New Wave who directed classics such as The Sword (1980) and Love Massacre (1981). He was also the mentor of WONG Kar-wai and edited Wong’s Days of Being Wild (1990) and Ashes of Time (1994).