BEEF – The Secret to the Success of the Award Sweeping Show


The richness and originality of Asian art exceeds the limits of film yet again, this time in a limited comedy-drama miniseries BEEF (2023), produced by A24 and released on Netflix. 

When Amy (Ali Wong) and Danny (Steven Yeun) accidentally meet in a road rage incident, they don’t realize their lives are about to change, but not necessarily for the better. BEEF shows the rawest human emotions, hopelessly absorbing the viewer in the complex feud of the main characters. The directorial works of Lee Sung-jin, Jake Schreier and Hikari make up a feast for the eyes and a healing, yet at times challenging perspective on life, relationships and one’s ugliest emotions.

The miniseries has gained worldwide recognition, sweeping up awards at the biggest events in the industry. It has won 36 awards and received an impressive number of 57 nominations. Among BEEF’s 36 wins there are:

  • 8 Emmy Awards, including one for an Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series,
  • 3 Golden Globes with one for Best Television Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Motion Picture Made for Television,
  • 4 trophies at The 29th Critics’ Choice Awards, where it won the award for Best Limited Series.

But why is BEEF so successful?
Lee Sung-jin’s brilliance shines brightly in the 10 episodes of the show. It peeks at the viewer when the close-ups of Danny’s irritated face show the creases around his mouth, or when Amy’s nose flares in absolute fury when she discovers a rather unpleasant sight in her guest bathroom. The very last episode of the series,”Figures of Light”, has received multiple awards for Lee’s exceptional directorial work. The unapologetically authentic portrayal of everyday struggles and human emotions resonate with the viewers, making BEEF an absolute gem among other productions.

The cast of BEEF, including the leading roles of the Oscar-nominated actor Steven Yeun and Emmy-winner actress and comedian Ali Wong, has received numerous nominations and awards for their outstanding roles. Both Wong and Yeun have won big awards for her leading roles, including a Golden Globe and an Emmy. The excellence of their work can be seen not only in their parts as Amy and Danny, but also in the production of the entire series: they worked on the show as executive producers. Their multi-layered engagement in the process largely contributes to BEEF’s accomplishments.

Supporting cast, including Young Mazino (Paul), David Choe (Isaac), Joseph Lee (George) and Maria Bello (Jordan Forster), has also gained recognition with multiple nominations for their great performances. Maria Bello has won the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie Made for Television at The 29th Critics’ Choice Awards.

Finally, BEEF’s soundtrack, curated by Bobby Krlic (also known as The Haxan Cloak) has the ability to translate the anger, frustration and nervousness of Amy and Danny. Krlic’s score stays in dialogue with every single part of the production, to the point where the audience can no longer bear the intensity of emotions. BEEF’s soundtrack has been nominated for the Best Original Score in TV Show or Limited Series at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards.

BEEF and its fantastic cast are not saying goodbye to the stage just yet, as some of the nominations, including AACTA International Awards, People’s Choice Awards as well as Satellite Awards, are still pending. We are awaiting more amazing news about this incredible production!